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Applications Abound for Synthetic-Diamond Semiconductor Substrates

Synthetic diamond’s unique properties can transform thermal management, enabling semiconductor design engineers to overcome reliability and power-density challenges within smaller footprints.

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New NIST algorithm for NV center diamond magnetometry speeds up experiments by an order of magnitude

Credit: Jennifer Lauren Lee/NIST This diamond lattice made of carbon atoms (blue) contains a single NV center. The NV...

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Quantum gate teleportation connects atomic qubits in two labs – Physics World

Distributed system sends flying qubits 60 m along optical fibre

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Busting myths about diamonds – Times of India

A diamond may be a chunk of coal that did well under pressure but it's a thing of beauty, and one cannot describe its...

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Ask a Scientist: Quantum Diamonds (2/8/2021)

**Please know we can\'t see questions asked on Facebook or YouTube during the live broadcast, but thank you for tuning in!**What do diamonds and...

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