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The diamond voltage microscope – Nature Photonics

The demonstration that diamond nitrogen–vacancy centre technology can optically detect voltages with an impressive sensitivity could bring new opportunities for investigating neurobiology.

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Diamond Sensors Breakthrough in Cardiac Disease Diagnosis

A research breakthrough involving diamond quantum sensors means very high-definition images of these cardiac electrical circuits can be created, and these could prove instrumental...

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Australian Quantum Computing is Heating Up With Pawsey’s Room-Temperature Accelerator

The Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre and Quantum Brilliance are testing the first room-temperature quantum computer.

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QuTech360 w/ Mohamed Abobeih: Fault-tolerant operation of logical qubit in diamond quantum processor

Mohamed Abobeih, postdoc researcher in the Taminiau Lab (Quantum Internet Division) at QuTech, discusses their research on fault-tolerant operation of a logi...

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Applications Abound for Synthetic-Diamond Semiconductor Substrates

Synthetic diamond’s unique properties can transform thermal management, enabling semiconductor design engineers to overcome reliability and power-density challenges within smaller footprints.

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