• I am proud to share with all of you that I recently received my first film credit for the movie ‘Foster Boy’ that is now streaming on most of the video platforms out there. You can check out the trailer below.

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    • Oh and you can check out my imdb.me/IsaacElijah profile to see which role I played in the movie.
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      Just updated the homepage of the website. Very exciting to get the website up on a super fast server and start really getting this suite of services working in sync with one another. It has been many years in the making but it is coming along nicely.

    • Wow this is so awesome. So many companies building #quantum computers now. Very exciting.

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    • Has anybody seen the new #MilesMorales gameplay and graphics video for #Playstation5? I can’t help but think about how videos have progressed from 8 bit to now 4k in just 25 years. It seems like the #quantum experts need to play more video games to truly understand what they are working on.

    • Today I would like to share with you a discussion with philosopher #ErvinLaszlo. He has a great grasp on the changes that quantum physics will bring to our world and is someone that I learned about in 2008 when I read his book “Quantum shift in the global brain”. I highly recommend you all read this book and enjoy this video.

    • #Kobebryant‘s new #Nike show #KobeAD looks so good. I think I need to buy a pair when they come out.

    • We now have hash tags working. #diamondquantum

    • Check out this video. It will help you get up to date with Diamond Quantum computing.

    • Hello world.

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